Got a long drive ahead of you?

Don't forget to pick up snacks and fill up your tank. The fuel pumps are located near our convenience store. If you need help finding your way around our farm in Gooding, ID, don't hesitate to reach out.

Not your average convenience store

While other convenience stores fill their shelves with high-calorie packaged snacks, we've added some nutritious food to the mix. That way, you can enjoy healthier snacks on your road trip or take home locally sourced food to feed the family.

Milk, cheese curds, butter and beef - we sell all kinds of farm-fresh ingredients and ready-to-eat foods at our family-owned convenience store. Visit the Farm-to-Table page to see a full list of the products we carry.

If you stop by our gas station in Gooding, ID to top off your tank, please drop by to say hi - we'd love to meet you.