Visit Our Local Ranch in Gooding, ID

Show the Kids Where Their Food Comes From

Situated on 700 acres on the north side of Gooding, ID, the Pocket Ranch & Creamery has been selling local dairy products to residents of southern Idaho since the 1970s. Although there are lots of interesting things to see at our local ranch, our dairy cows are the main attraction - their milk is used to make everything from butter to coffee creamer.

Once you've met the herd, you'll have a chance to purchase dairy products made with milk from these cows. Talk about a memorable learning experience!

Call 208-934-8235 now to schedule a farm tour . And don't forget to check out our ice cream parlor.

More than just a roadside attraction

The Pocket Ranch & Creamery is a third-generation family farm that features...

  • A distribution point that's centered around convenience, where you can pick up your farm fresh products and your favorite snacks before hitting the road or heading home.
  • An ice cream parlor, where the whole family can enjoy a tasty treat
  • A fuel station, where you can top off your tank before heading up the mountains

We also sell fresh beef, eggs and other farm-to-table products. Contact us today to learn more.

Serving the Greater Twin Falls, ID Area

This farm is our legacy

Joe Bingham grew up watching his father and grandfather work hard to raise cattle and provide for their family. Inspired by their work ethic, Joey took over the family business in 2012.

Joe is now raising his kids to take care of the crops and livestock - including chickens, which his son Brogan insisted on adding to the ranch. We'd be glad to take you on a tour and show you a typical day on our farm in Gooding, ID.